Don´t know if I should make a PW. Takes too much time
Don´t know if I should make a PW. Takes too much time

Don´t know if I should make a PW. Takes too much time

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Don´t know which title to choose

Hi guys out there in somewhere !!!!

 Actually I should not have the time to write here, but my professor had an appointment with me and missed it. I love it !! I loved it my whole live when someone was not right in time. But let´s forget about that. Thus I have found some time to write you here,

Honestly nothing new has really happened. I am still trying to do the same experiments. Next will be number 29. And still there is a challenge I cannot rule out. And the conclusion is now, that I won´t do a poster presentation in London. Well that´s what i want. But I am pretty sure my professor wants me doing a poster. Let´s see, if he doesn´t come to the institute tomorrow everything will be too late ;-) Anyway it would have been nice to do a poster presentation.

Last weekend I was at my brothers birthday party. It was really nice. He lives in the Hegewiese (behind the Sandplacken, thats near the Feldberg im Taunus). It´s 550m above see level and normally 5 degrees colder. That´s what it made very nice last saturday, because in the Rhein Main- Ebene it was too hot. The most beautiful part of the party for me was Laura my little niché. She is now 2 1/2 and this day I was her favourite uncle *g* She did´nt move away the whole day and was all the time beside me *g* It was sooooooo cute *g* And she still loves my birthday present I gave here two weeks ago. It was a small duck with which you can make soap bubbles. And I mean I really love soap bubbles. And I am 25. Hihi, and I was allowed to make some for her *g*
Weiß nicht, wie ich das übersetzte soll, aber: Die kleine hat mich glaube ich endgültig um den kleinen Finger gewickelt *g* (könnt das ja mal versuchen für Elle zu übersetzten)

 Ok, I have to do a little bit here. At least I want to try to work *g*

Hope to see you soon.



 P.S,; A pity that I don´t have that much time to write everyone of you personally. But you can ask for my phone number here in the lab and you can phone me here if you like to...

18.7.07 14:52

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Elle (21.7.07 09:43)
Don't know what to say, just want to tell that Laura is very cute. I do agree ^^
Ahhh, and don't worry that you have no time to contact every friends. Sometimes we really need more than 24 hrs, that happend to me too. *g*
All the best,

Tobias (25.7.07 13:42)
Now I searched for a translation:
jmd um den kleinen Finger wickeln =to twist someone around the little finger

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