Don´t know if I should make a PW. Takes too much time
Don´t know if I should make a PW. Takes too much time

Don´t know if I should make a PW. Takes too much time

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Wow !! The first entry in June

That´s really really bad. I mean, that it´s the first entry in June. I had the plan to write every week. And now it´s three weeks ago that I have written just a short message in which I promissed about writing more.

I think I should start with the flat sharing I moved in nearly four weeks ago. Now I know all the members with whom I live together. Klaus, Jule and Caro. You will laugh about "now I know all of them" but yesterday evening was the first time we sat all together and had diner. We all (well maybe Jule not that much) have a lot to work. Klaus will do it´s PhD (Doktorarbeit) in sportr research (I whink *g*) Caro works in Stuttgart in a social planning center. Little bit difficult to explain but she is doing research there too. And Jule is still studying.

And I am trying to get everything comfortable here. I still have no bed, but a mattress. And the weekend I spent the most of my time to go to furniture shops to find a nice bed. It´s not easy because the most look just... well. boooring !!! Yeah thats the word. And it´s so difficult to decide about mattress and Lattenrost (sorry Elle I don´t find the word for that. It´s where you put your mattress on).


What yould I tell more... What do you want to now...

Hmm. The main thing which is really bothering me is that I have no time to take care for social contacts with all the people I want to. I´m sorry for that. But everything is not easy. For the first time I have to manage everything by myself. That makes a lot of fun. I have the feeling that I found to myself now. That I now know where and who I am. This feeling is great. I don´t know if it´s an illusion which can disappear in a second or two. But currently it is still there and I am just enyoing it !!

Ah, right there is another thing. I don´t have fixed line at home. So I am just available on my handy (in the evening in the institute I don´t get connection :-() or on the phone in the institute. You can call me there if you want (I would be pleased to here your voice *g*) but if I am doing an experiment please don´t be angry at me if I have no time to talk.

Have a nice week and this time I try not to produce such a gap between my posts.

fondest regards



P.S: How can it be that you sometimes feel the happiest guy on earth but sad in the same moment? Interesting feeling. But it´s maybe just because of the calm melancholic music  I am listening to.

25.6.07 08:48

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Elle (27.6.07 05:32)
I am happy that you are happy with this chang in life. As you clamed you are the happinest guy in the world, send me 2 kilo of hapiness then *g*
oh! oh! don't send the sad one I have it enough ^^.

ps. I met Tan Ken today (remember king of China?), we have talked a lot about Oberursel. He send the regards to you.

Felix (27.6.07 22:42)
Hey Tobi,

warum willst du denn ein Passwort machen? Hälst du das echt für nötig?

Bis Samstag denn, oder Freitag, oder je nach dem

Tobias (28.6.07 09:34)
Ach, hatte ich nen kurzen Moment überlegt. Hatte meine Gründe, aber es scheint sich eh erledigt zu haben...

Jo, bis zum WoE

Hab Jule und Björn mal Bescheid gegeben wegen Sa aber die fahren evtl zu ihren Eltern...

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