Don´t know if I should make a PW. Takes too much time
Don´t know if I should make a PW. Takes too much time

Don´t know if I should make a PW. Takes too much time

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Wow !! The first entry in June

That´s really really bad. I mean, that it´s the first entry in June. I had the plan to write every week. And now it´s three weeks ago that I have written just a short message in which I promissed about writing more.

I think I should start with the flat sharing I moved in nearly four weeks ago. Now I know all the members with whom I live together. Klaus, Jule and Caro. You will laugh about "now I know all of them" but yesterday evening was the first time we sat all together and had diner. We all (well maybe Jule not that much) have a lot to work. Klaus will do it´s PhD (Doktorarbeit) in sportr research (I whink *g*) Caro works in Stuttgart in a social planning center. Little bit difficult to explain but she is doing research there too. And Jule is still studying.

And I am trying to get everything comfortable here. I still have no bed, but a mattress. And the weekend I spent the most of my time to go to furniture shops to find a nice bed. It´s not easy because the most look just... well. boooring !!! Yeah thats the word. And it´s so difficult to decide about mattress and Lattenrost (sorry Elle I don´t find the word for that. It´s where you put your mattress on).


What yould I tell more... What do you want to now...

Hmm. The main thing which is really bothering me is that I have no time to take care for social contacts with all the people I want to. I´m sorry for that. But everything is not easy. For the first time I have to manage everything by myself. That makes a lot of fun. I have the feeling that I found to myself now. That I now know where and who I am. This feeling is great. I don´t know if it´s an illusion which can disappear in a second or two. But currently it is still there and I am just enyoing it !!

Ah, right there is another thing. I don´t have fixed line at home. So I am just available on my handy (in the evening in the institute I don´t get connection :-() or on the phone in the institute. You can call me there if you want (I would be pleased to here your voice *g*) but if I am doing an experiment please don´t be angry at me if I have no time to talk.

Have a nice week and this time I try not to produce such a gap between my posts.

fondest regards



P.S: How can it be that you sometimes feel the happiest guy on earth but sad in the same moment? Interesting feeling. But it´s maybe just because of the calm melancholic music  I am listening to.

25.6.07 08:48

Nächstes mal in Hanau

bin ich dieses WoE, also am 29.06 bis 01.07.

und eventuell am 13.07 bis 15.07

25.6.07 08:50


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